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Chief Michael P. Murphy
150 Park Street
North Reading, MA 01864
(978) 664-3131
(978) 664-3170 fax



Department Roster


Chief of Police Michael Murphy 978-357-5052
Administrative  Ass't Laura Parow 978-357-5049

Admin Lieutenant Kevin Brennan 978-357-5051
Admin Lieutenant Mark Zimmerman  978-357-5031
Sergeant Mid Shift Lawrence Tremblay 978-357-5029
Sergeant Mid Shift Joseph Thibodeau 978-357-5030
Sergeant Day Shift Thomas Encarnacao 978-357-5071
Sergeant Day Shift Derek Howe 978-357-5064
Sergeant Night Shift Anthony Morlani 978-357-5045
Sergeant Night Shift Paul Dorsey Jr. 978-357-5063
Detective Lieutenant Thomas Romeo 978-357-5043
Detective Thomas Hatch 978-357-5067
School Resource Officer Kevin Donle 978-357-5072
Patrol Officer Roger Wulleman 978-357-5058
Patrol Officer James McCormack 978-357-5061
Patrol Officer Scott Tilton 978-357-5055
Patrol Officer Joseph Encarnacao 978-357-5065
Patrol Officer Michael LeBlanc 978-357-5066
Patrol Officer Sean O'Leary 978-357-5068
Patrol Officer Keith Lamont 978-357-5069
Patrol Officer David Difraia 978-357-5073
Patrol Officer Jason Connolly 978-357-5074
Patrol Officer James Carcia 978-357-5075
Patrol Officer Sean Lawson 978-357-5078
Patrol Officer Michael Hennessey 978-357-5077
Patrol Officer Gregory Connolly 978-357-5080
Patrol Officer​ Travis​ Tremblay
Patrol Officer
Patrol Officer Paul Lucci Jr. 978-357-5000
Patrol Officer Brian Verney 978-357-5000
Patrol Officer Ryan​ Haggerty ​978-357-5000
Reserve Officer Michael Sorrenti 978-357-5083
Crossing Guard George Hooper
Crossing Guard Megan Boissonneau
Crossing Guard/Matron Kim Moore
Matron Kathy Correale
Matron Ellen  Manning